Amherst Esperanto

Ni parolu Esperanton!


We are a local Esperanto group dedicated to learning and speaking Esperanto in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Se vi vizitos de eksterlande, nepre sciigu nin. Ni volas gastigi vin!

We have a weekly-to-monthly social hour, Mondays at ~6:00pm that moves from place to place. We don't usually actually manage to meet every week. But if you want to meet, someone will probably be available to meet with you.

Amherst Esperanto has a mailing list for announcements, information, and discussion. Subscribe by visiting the page for members (at) lists (dot) amherstesperanto (dot) org. This list is a moderated, low-traffic list for Amherst Esperanto and the Pioneer Valley. You can browse the archives.

Steven D. Brewer   (413) 658-8129